• Main idea – what the story is mostly about
  • Summary – gives a shortened version of the story with only the important details. Tells who, what, when, where, and why.
  • Suffix-word endings (-ful, -less,…)
  • Prefix – something added to the beginning of a word (re, pre, un,…)
  • Author’s Purpose – the reason the author wrote the story (to inform, to persuade, to entertain)
  • Homophone – looks different, sounds the same, has different meanings (right/write)
  • Homonym- looks the same, sounds the same, has different meanings (wrap/wrap)

  • Quotient – answer in a division problem
  • Divisor - # doing the dividing
  • Dividend - # being divided
  • Fraction= part/whole
  • Array - a group of columns and rows that are equal
  • Regroup - borrow and carry with 2 and 3-digit addition or subtraction
  • Round/Estimate: Look at target number and "5 or more raise the score" or "4 or less, give it a rest"